Jack Morton Productions/ Museum of Science and Industry (1994)
Writing and instructional design for an interactive kiosk program at the United Airlines exhibit, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

How Airplanes Fly

Motorola University/ Junior Achievement of America (1992)
Writing and instructional design for notebooks, posters and public relations materials for students, teachers and community leaders

Continuous Quality Improvement for Junior Achievement

Binney and Smith/ Crayola (1988–91)
Writing, instructional and visual design for a series of brochures designed to teach basic art techniques using Crayola products

Crayola Creative Ideas brochures

Writing, instructional and visual design for a series of erasable coloring books

Crayola Kinder-Art Coloring Books (4 titles)

Glick and Lorwin (1983–1987)
Writing and instructional design for two multimedia programs sponsored by McNeill Laboratories (Tylenol). These programs were quite extensive, consisting of slide shows, posters, take-home brochures, reference materials for teachers and puzzles, games and quizzes for students.

Self-Medication: Your Responsibility
Head to Toe: Sports Medicine for Student Athletes

Writing for parts of the Crest School Program, sponsored by Procter and Gamble (Crest):

Conquering the Cavity Creeps (filmstrip)
The Defense of Toothopolis (class play)

Writing and instructional design for a nationwide art education contest. This project involved writing guides for teachers, organizers and community leaders and biographies and art instructional material for students. The program won the Silver Anvil Award for excellence in public relations directed toward educators, given by the Public Relations Society of America

Crayola Dream-makers Art Education Program


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