Society for Visual Education/ SVE (1974–1995)
Writing, illustration, and production of more than 50 educational filmstrips and multimedia kits, with accompanying teacher's guides and reproducible pages, including

People of the Forest: A Study in Human Values (multimedia kit)
A World of Our Own (multimedia kit)
Unsolved Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes (multimedia kit)
South America: Land of Many Faces (5 filmstrips with skill sheets)
A Child's Journey through History (4 filmstrips with skill sheets)
Basic Primary Science (16 filmstrips with skills sheets and guides; illustrated by David LeBoy and produced by Jim Robertson)
Reading for Meaning (4 filmstrips plus guides)

Writing, illustration, and page layouts for more than 600 reproducible activity pages, games, puzzles, quizzes, crafts projects and other activities to accompany SVE's filmstrips, videos, laser disks and CD-ROMs, including

Understanding Weather and Climate
Sub-Saharan Africa: The Land
Sub-Saharan Africa: The Culture
Looking at Western Europe
Guinness World Records Reading Comprehension I
Guinness World Records Reading Comprehension II
Guinness World Records Decimals and Fractions

Burt Munk and Company, for Society for Visual Education (1990–91)
Writing, illustration, page layout and production for 12 filmstrips with reproducible activity sheets and teacher's guide.

A World of Food (4 programs, primary level)
A World of Clothing (4 programs, primary level)
Feeding the World (4 programs, junior high and high school level)


Clearvue Productions (1989–90)
Writing, map illustration and production for 16 filmstrips in U.S. regional geography, with reproducible activities and teacher's guide, for intermediate level. This product has been recycled as a CD-ROM series. See also Educational Videos,

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