Random House Juvenile Books (1998)
Writing and instructional design for flashcards based on licensed characters, Dr. Seuss Beginner Fun Flashcards

I Am NOT Going to Read Any Words Today!: Learn about Rhyming Words
I Can Add Upside Down! Learn about Easy Addition
Oh, The Things You Can Count from 1–10! Learn about Counting
Sneetches are Sneetches! Learn about Same and Different
Wet Foot, Dry Foot, Low Foot, High Foot! Learn about Opposites and Differences

Empak Publishing Company (1992)
Design and writing of a card and board game featuring questions and answers on African American history

African American Discovery!

Compton's Encyclopedia (1991)
Design, writing and illustration for a board game designed to encourage students to use an encyclopedia

Compton's Map Challenge Game

Creative Child Press (1988–90)
Writing and instructional design for instructional card games

Domino Twisters Linking Game
Big Picture in a Little Box Puzzles
Alphabet Lotto
Dinosaur Lotto

Unisonic Products Corporation/ Walt Disney Productions (1986)
Writing and instructional design for 12 interactive audio tapes and books for the Mickey Mouse Talkback Computer, an electronic learning device

In addition to the above games, which have been marketed on their own, I have designed many interactive games as part of educational CD-ROMs. See Interactive Programs.


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