Random House Juvenile Books (1984–98)
Writing and page designs for puzzle and activity books featuring licensed characters. Each book listed below was 32 or 48 pages in length. The activity books taught basic skills such as reading, addition and subtraction and matching.

Dr. Seuss Activity Books (6 books)
Funny Face Activity Books (4 books)
Star Wars Activity Books (6 books)
Return of the Jedi Activity Books (6 books)
Indiana Jones Puzzle Books (3 books)

Writing of three titles for the Step-Up Reading Adventures series, simplified versions of literary classics, including

Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes
By Arthur Conan Doyle
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
By Jules Verne
King Kong
By Edgar Wallace and Merian C. Cooper

Troll Associates (1984–86)
Design, writing and illustration for 12 books of easy crafts projects for children ages 8–12, including

Happy Thanksgiving! Things to Make and Do Great Gifts to Make
Happy Halloween! Things to Make and Do Things that Go: Vehicles to Make
Spring Surprises
Detective Tricks You Can Do
Science Secrets
More Science Secrets

Follett Publishing Company
Writing, photography and illustrations for two trade books

Manos: South American Crafts for Children
City Crafts from Secret Cities


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