Judith Conaway is a writer, instructional designer, illustrator, project manager and producer of educational materials. Most of her published works are used in schools; however, she has also written and designed programs for trade publishing, for museums, for public relations and for corporate training.

Judith spent much of her childhood in Venezuela, where her parents served as missionaries. Judith's elementary and high school years were spent in boarding schools in Venezuela and the state of Georgia. She received a B.A. in English literature from the University of Illinois. After college, she lived in Turkey for 18 months, during which time she learned to weave and began a lifelong interest in collecting textiles.

Judith began her working life as an editor of crafts and other how-to books. In 1974, she joined the staff of the Society for Visual Education (SVE) as a writer and project director. At SVE she was privileged to become a part of the growing trend toward using audiovisual materials in education. For SVE, she wrote and produced multimedia kits that combined filmstrips, worksheets, posters and games.

Judith's freelance career began in 1976. More than a quarter century later, she continues to produce educational materials of high quality and academic excellence. She meets deadlines, stays within the budget, and is always willing to discuss new freelance assignments.

Meanwhile, Judith has also pursued a lifelong interest in fiber arts.She began learning cross-stitch embroidery at about age 6, and by high school had learned Spanish-style satin stitch and padded stitch techniques. After returning from Turkey, she bought a floor loom, built a tapestry loom and took formal weaving classes. Over the years she has experimented with off-loom weaving, hand-woven accordion-style books and ikat dyeing. Her current projects combine weaving, quilting, embroidery and electronic scanning. She creates many of her pieces as "cyberfibers" that exist both as real threads and as electronic transmissions.

Today Judith is adapting to the online revolution. Like most writers, she is excited about the potential of the Internet. At the same time, she remains convinced that handcrafts and other forms of hands-on learning remain necessary for developing critical thinking, problem solving and logic skills. She also feels strongly that academic content and skill-building exercises should drive the instructional design of any educational project. She says, "I've spent most of my life protesting that the medium is not the message!"

To view Judith's art and to experience Judith's online crafts and history lessons, visit her sister web site at http://www.judithconaway.net/.

To hire Judith, send an e-mail to judconaway@earthlink.net.


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