Clearvue/EAV (1997-1998)
For the History Through Literature project, Judith did the basic research and prepared outlines for 12 video programs. She also wrote 5 of the scripts, edited the other 7 scripts, and wrote all the teacher's materials.

Faith and Feudalism: The Early Middle Ages
Chivalry and Commerce: The Late Middle Ages
Renaissance and Reformation: The 14th to 16th Centuries
New Worlds and New Ideas: The 16th and 17th Centuries
Industry and Enlightenment

Empak Publishing Company (1992)
Design and writing of a card and board game featuring questions and answers on African American history

African American Discovery!

Compton's Encyclopedia (1991)
Design, writing and illustration for a board game designed to encourage students to use an encyclopedia

Compton's Map Challenge Game

Empak Publishing Company (1990–94)
Writing and instructional design for 40 workbooks to accompany Empak biographies of African Americans. In addition, I researched and wrote several short biographies and researched and wrote the following title.

African-American Times: Chronologies of Black History

Ligature, Inc. (1992)
Writing of twentieth-century chapters as well as extensive teacher's materials for , an American history textbook series published by Houghton, Mifflin.

America Will Be

Society for Visual Education/ SVE (1992)
Writing, illustration, design and layout for three 48-page reproducible workbooks in the series Multicultural America. The books guide students in learning history research skills and using those skills to explore America's diverse heritage.

Native Americans: A Personal History
Hispanic Americans: A Personal History
African Americans: A Personal History

Troll Associates (1984–86)
Design, writing and illustration for 12 books of easy crafts projects for children ages 8–12, including

Happy Thanksgiving! Things to Make and Do
Happy Halloween! Things to Make and Do
Spring Surprises

Society for Visual Education/ SVE (1974–1995)
Writing, illustration, and production of more than 50 educational filmstrips and multimedia kits, with accompanying teacher's guides and reproducible pages, including

People of the Forest: A Study in Human Values (multimedia kit)
A World of Our Own (multimedia kit)
South America: Land of Many Faces (5 filmstrips with skill sheets)
A Child's Journey through History (4 filmstrips with skill sheets)

Writing, illustration, and page layouts for more than 600 reproducible activity pages, games, puzzles, quizzes, crafts projects and other activities to accompany SVE's filmstrips, videos, laser disks and CD-ROMs, including

Sub-Saharan Africa: The Land
Sub-Saharan Africa: The Culture
Looking at Western Europe

Burt Munk and Company, for Society for Visual Education (1990–91)
Writing, illustration, page layout and production for 12 filmstrips with reproducible activity sheets and teacher's guide.

A World of Food (4 programs, primary level)
A World of Clothing (4 programs, primary level)
Feeding the World (4 programs, junior high and high school level)

Clearvue Productions (1989–90)
Writing, map illustration and production for 16 filmstrips in U.S. regional geography, with reproducible activities and teacher's guide, for intermediate level. This product has been recycled as a CD-ROM series. See also Educational Videos,

Regions of the United States (16 filmstrips)

Educational Audiovisual/ EAV (1987)
Writing, map illustration and visual design for a two-part video series at high school level. This series won third place at the National Educational Film Festival and is still available through Clearvue/EAV.

The Crusades

Follett Publishing Company (1976-77)
Writing, photography and illustrations for two trade books

Manos: South American Crafts for Children
City Crafts from Secret Cities


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