Scholastic New Media (1998–2000)
Writing and instructional design for three interactive CD-ROMs in Scholastic New Media's Sidewalk Science series. Judith named and outlined this series. In addition, for each of the following titles, Judith wrote 9 story scripts, 27 short articles, 9 games, a teacher's guide, and 10 reproducible classroom activities.

Bugs! Explorations in Life Science
Wheels! Explorations in Physical Science
Dirt! Explorations in Earth Science

Jack Morton Productions/ Museum of Science and Industry (1994)
Writing and instructional design for an interactive kiosk program at the United Airlines exhibit, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

How Airplanes Fly

Scott, Foresman, and Company (1992)
Writing of textbook sections, verbal/visual pages, teacher's notes and ancillary materials for a science textbook series, grades 1–6. As is usual in such projects, the writers worked with educational consultants and visual designers at every stage of the project—from outlining in PowerPoint to rewriting and copyfitting in Quark.

Discover the Wonder (Grades K–6 texts and teacher's materials)

Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation (1991)
Writing and production of two videos on pregnancy and infant care, designed for distribution through EBI (Encyclopaedia Britannica International)

For Your Baby: Prenatal Care
For Your Baby: Postnatal Care

Society for Visual Education/ SVE (1974–1995)
Writing, illustration, and production of more than 50 educational filmstrips and multimedia kits, with accompanying teacher's guides and reproducible pages, including

Basic Primary Science (16 filmstrips with skills sheets and guides; illustrated by David LeBoy and produced by Jim Robertson)

Writing, illustration, and page layouts for more than 600 reproducible activity pages, games, puzzles, quizzes, crafts projects and other activities to accompany SVE's filmstrips, videos, laser disks and CD-ROMs, including

Understanding Weather and Climate
Scientific American Frontiers, Group I (8 videos)
Scientific American Frontiers, Group 2 (8 videos)

Burt Munk and Company, for Society for Visual Education (1990–91)
Writing, illustration, page layout and production for 12 filmstrips with reproducible activity sheets and teacher's guide.

Feeding the World (4 programs, junior high and high school level)

Troll Associates (1984–86)
Design, writing and illustration for 12 books of easy crafts projects for children ages 8–12, including

Science Secrets
More Science Secrets


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